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Case Study – Tradukti

Full Google Ads campaign management

Tradukti - Translation Agency

Tradukti is a small translation agency based in Switzerland. It offers a wide array of services ranging from document translation to website translation. Before working with Adineo, Tradukti had a Google Ads campaign that was not optimized. The following case study is based on a Google Ads campaign we executed for Tradukti to increase the number of conversions and leads generated, as well as to increase brand awareness.

Average CPC
Decrease 32%
Cost per conversion
Decrease 41%
Number of conversions
Increase 68%
Improvement 75%

Initial situation

Tradukti’s Google Ads campaign was not optimized at all. Only a few general keywords such as “translation agency” or “English French translation” were targeted. There was also a lack of a precise way to measure what results were achieved through the Google Ads campaign. According to their estimates, the number of leads generated was about 25 per month.


We first installed a conversion measurement system. We record a conversion every time a person clicks on Tradukti’s ad and then fills out a form on the site. We then restructured their campaign into thematic ad groups (e.g. web translation) and performed a more thorough keyword research. We’ve also set negative keywords so ads don’t appear for non-targeted customers (for example, the keyword “free” because Tradukti only offers paid services). We also tested several versions of the ads through A/B testing. Then we continuously optimized the campaign by improving quality score, bids, devices and audiences.


We first managed to reduce the CPC (cost per click) by 32% and increase the number of conversions by 68%. This allowed us to reduce the cost per conversion from 22 chf to 13 chf. We then looked at the ROAS (Return on Ad Spent), the return on investment of an advertising expenditure. Because we knew the conversion rate (the number of people who fill out a form on the site and then end up buying) and the average profit per customer, we were able to calculate the ROAS using the following formula. ROAS – (Number of conversions / Conversion rate) – Average profit per customer. We were able to increase the ROAS from 2.2 to 3.85. This means that for every 1 CHF spent on advertising, Tradukti now earns CHF 3.85. Thanks to Adineo, Tradukti was able to get more of its advertising budget.


CPC = cost per click

Conversion = here, filling out a form on the site

ROAS – Return On Ad Spent


CPC = cost per click

Conversion = here, filling out a form on the site

ROAS – Return On Ad Spent

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