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Nowadays, online advertising is the one that is the most effective. That is why a Google Ads agency is absolutely necessary to make the most of this opportunity. Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is an advertising service that allows you to display ads in the form of sponsored links in Google search results, but also in the form of graphic or video ads. Thanks to the Pay Per Click system, you can reach many people in a simple and relatively inexpensive way. Our Google Ads /SEA (Search Engine Advertising) agency takes care of creating and managing your Google Ads campaigns from start to finish. Our in-depth experience and knowledge of Google advertising allows us to create profitable SEA campaigns and achieve good results quickly.

Our agency works with all types of PPC campaigns

Types of Campaigns

campaign on the search network

Search Network Campaign

Allows your business to appear as a visible result on the Google results page at the time users are searching for your product or service.

campaigns on the display network

Display Network Campaign

Gives your business visibility by displaying graphic ads in Google's advertising network.

shopping campaigns

Shopping Campaign

Allows e-commerce sites to show their products directly on the Google network and thus increase their sales.

video campaigns

Video Campaign

Shows video ads on its own or in other video content on YouTube and on Google's network.

mobile campaigns

App Campaign

Allows you to promote your mobile app across different platforms.

remarketing campaigns

Remarketing Campaign

Aims to reach particular users who have already visited your site and offer them specific messages.

Why choose Adineo as Google Ads agency?

Google Ads Specialists

By working with Adineo, you make sure you work with Google Ads and Google Analytics certified experts who will create campaigns that are fully tailored to your business and industry. Our experience in many other sectors allows us to help you grow your business and maximize your profitability. Check out one of our case studies to find out how we can help you increase the return on investment of your advertising budget.

Our services: account audit/consulting, campaign creation, complete campaign management, on-demand optimization.

Depending on your goals, managing your Google Ads campaigns can be treated as a separate service. However to get better results, you’ll need the combine it in a complex campaign with SEO and website optimization.

Google Ads certified agency
Google Analytics Certified Agency

Pack Mini

Complete Google Ads Management
CHF 200 per month*
  • Budget up to 1000 CHF per month
  • 1 Search campaign
  • 1 language
  • up to 3 ad groups
    (3 ads per group)
  • Full management
  • Minimum 3 months duration

Pack Easy

Complete Google Ads Management
15% monthly budget
(min. 300 CHF/month)*
  • Budget up to CHF 5000 / month
  • 1 Search campaign
  • 1 language
  • up to 6 ad groups
    (3 ads per group)
  • Full management
  • Minimum 3 months duration
Most popular

Personalized Pack

Bespoke services
Sur Devis (Free)
  • Budget > CHF 5000 / month
  • Multilingual campaigns
  • Personalized needs
  • Display campaigns, video,
    Shopping, remarketing
  • Combination with other
    services (SEO, local SEO, web development, etc.)

Find out the results we're delivering to our customers

Case study

Tradukti logo

Tradukti is a small translation agency based in Switzerland. It offers a wide array of services ranging from document translation to website translation. Before working with Adineo, Tradukti had a Google Ads campaign that was not optimized. The following case study is based on a Google Ads campaign we executed for Tradukti to increase the number of conversions and leads generated, as well as to increase brand awareness.

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